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The minute your car leaves the dealer lot it is exposed to hard water break dust bug guts tree sap and road grind. Washing and waxing is very time consuming that needs to be done to maintain a perfect finish. Car wash brushes and heavy detergents can scratch your paint and stain your vehicle surface. 


A ceramic coating is a thin layer that bond to the vehicle's paint work to make it harder and hydrophobic.

This sacrificial layer will not wash off like a wax and will last for years. They repel dirt and water so cleanup is a breeze.

The added hardness will help to prevent light chips scratches and swirl marks. Just like paint you are trying to protect, the coating is only as good as the prep prior to application. Having a certified installer is important to ensure top results. We were the first in Medicine Hat and area to professionally apply ceramic coatings. There are many different levels of coatings to suit your budget.


Ceramic coating protects the exterior of your car by applying a clear layer to the original finish. Acting as a paint hardener, add protection from scratches, rock chips, bird droppings, and UV rays. Clean off dirt and bugs with ease by simply using water and still get that showroom finish. Prairie Customs has a variety of ceramic coating products available at different price points.


Ceramic Coating Application

Laying down some ultra durable metal oxide ceramic coating on the carbon covers, valve covers, fiberglass surrounds and glass. The C8 is on its final stage of protection, then it's out and ready for the next one!

Ceramic Coating Auto Finishing in Medicine Hat

automobile with a ceramic coating

Check out the trusted brands we carry down below or contact us for more information.

Nano Graphene Coating

We are now offering graphene coatings! We are always trying to stay at the top of automotive protection and products, and this is the next generation of coatings! You know about ceramic coatings, but graphene is even more chemical resistant, and the best of all - its anti water spotting!

The gentleman who invented graphene actually won a Nobel prize for it! Basically if you take every substance on the earth and reduce it down to one atom, graphene is the strongest material on the planet. Our supplier has acquired the first company to bottle it for automotive use! If you want your car or truck protected, be sure to check it out!


Layed down two coats of the first graphene coating in Medicine Hat! Graphene is the strongest substance on the planet! And we've been able to get a hold of it in a coating form! The surface slickness is amazing and the chemical resistance is second to no coating, which means it has anti water spotting capabilities! We are always looking for the newest and best innovations in protection technology to keep your car looking amazing for years to come.

Ceramic coating product
Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coatings on front end of the car
Ceramic coating on black automobile

Ceramic Coatings


Professional Cleaning

“Prompt and excellent work. Went above and beyond what I expected. Very good value for what they did. I took a truck in that I had bought used from a local dealership that had been cleaned just enough to mask the smoker smell until it was sold. Two Odor bombs didn't help much so I took it to be professionally cleaned by The Shine Factory. So far the smell is staying away and from a quick look over they cleaned places the dealer didn't even get to. Highly recommend this business.” – Andy K.

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