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Auto Detailing Services in Medicine Hat


Prairie Customs offers exterior auto detailing services in Medicine Hat. Our team can help your vehicle look spotless and good as new. Check out what our services include and find the right option for your car’s needs. For more information or to get a quote, contact our shop today.

Exterior Detailing and Polishing

Get your vehicle to sparkle and shine like brand new. Our technicians use paint correction techniques with filler free and silicone free polishes. Have a black finish? Our speciality is ensuring there is no residue left behind. We use the Rupes polishing system, a high-end polisher, to carefully and effectively remove scratches without posing a danger to your paint’s finish. Come in to get your specialized quote!

Exterior Detailing Packages

Package 1 - From $150 - $200

Package 2 - From $300 - $400

Package 3 - From $400 - $500

Package 4 - From $500 - $600

Package 5 - From $600 - $800


Special Offers

With a full exterior wash, receive a ceramic wax at 50% off!


Waxed Car

Keep It Clean

From washing and decontamination to polishing the car to its original shine, we offer complete exterior detailing.


Quick Service

“Friendly staff and very quick service.” – Robert T.

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