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Protective Undercoating & Bed Liners in Medicine Hat

Stop scratches and fine lines from making an appearance on your vehicle. Prairie Customs provides the Medicine Hat region with undercoating and bed liners to keep your vehicle looking its best. Our technicians work closely to provide an even coating that blends seamlessly with your car’s original paint finish. For any questions, contact our shop today. COVID-19 UPDATE


Looking to prevent car rust? Undercoating protects the undercarriage of your vehicle against moisture, salt, and chemicals that cause rust and helps to reduce road noise while cruising on the highway. This protective coating is suitable for use on all car makes, models, cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and recreational vehicles.



Bed Liners

Get the durability you need to get the job done with a bed liner for your truck box. Prevent damages and scratching when hauling tools and materials, and simply toss everything in the back without fear. A coating can help protect from chips, scratches, and dents while hiding rust spots and sealing to prevent further damage. Overall, this is a great investment to enhance your vehicle’s curb appeal without having to redo the whole finish!


We provide QwikLiner for their lifetime warranty on chipping and lifting UV protection.


Customer Experience

“Amazing service and the best staff around.” – Billy M.

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