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Automotive Window Tinting in Medicine Hat

Adding a film to your window protects you and your vehicle from the sun’s damaging UV rays. The interior of your car can fade and even crack depending on the material. While driving, avoid the danger of sun glare and get added privacy and comfort. In the event of an accident, window film can also help to hold glass shards together.

We use high-quality film to cover your vehicle’s windows. With ultimate precision, we cut and apply the material to ensure it perfectly covers your window. Protect yourself and your passengers with Prairie Customs’s window tinting services. Call us to get your quote.

Window tinting for privacy and your cars interior protection

MaxPro Carbon Extreme


Max Pro Carbon Extreme is our top-quality tint. It is a carbon tint which means it is colour stable, non-fading, metal-free product that offers higher heat rejection and Infrared (IR) rejection than a Premium dyed or metallized film. It will keep you cool and will not interfere with satellite reception. We stock 50, 35, 20 and 5% VLT.


Customer Experience

“Amazing service and the best staff around.” – Billy M.

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